SEMI-FINALISTS - Friday September 9, 2016

Five fearless & fantastic Pianists take to the stage Today – It’s the SEMI-FINALS for the 2016 Australian National Piano Award . . . one female amongst them

Listen Up People!   Today, Friday September 9 at NOON there's going to be a showdown on the Steinway. . . . Fabulously contested - the five fearless and talented pianists will battle it out in the afternoon at the Eastbank Centre, Shepparton for the SEMI-FINALS of Australian National Piano Award.

Since Monday, the rich tunes of classical music (works from Romantic, Baroque, French impressionists and Australian contemporary) have been performed on arguably one of the best Steinway’s in the country by eleven of the nation’s best young pianists (aged under 30).

The Australian National Piano Award has taken over centre stage in the arts precinct of Shepparton all week with this world-class series.  The Award provides a platform for 11 male and female ‘stars’ to shine under the spotlight with the scrutiny of 3 international judges and hundreds of passionate music lovers watching, and cheering them on daily.

The adjudicators, Clem Leske, Diana Weekes and Rolf Plagge have listened to every performance over the last four days.  Last night they made the tough decision as to which five musicians they would choose to compete in the semi-finals. 

  • Berta Brozgul from Victoria (and the only female in the Semi-finals)
  • Tony Lee from New South Wales
  • Joshua Hooke from Victoria
  • Peter de Jager from Victoria
  • Oliver She from Queensland

Apart from being the richest national classical piano competition in this country, the Award is also full of suspense, musical brilliance and entertainment and today is no exception as the Semi-Finals kick off at NOON; The pianists will perform 45 minute recitals each in the hope that they impress judges and audience in order to get into the Grand Finals on Saturday night.

What:              Semi-finals – 2016 Australian National Piano Award
When:             Friday 9 September, Starting at noon
Where:           Eastbank Centre, 70 Welsford Street, Shepparton (Victoria) Tickets:           $10 per adult; Students are free